Monday, July 30, 2012

Baggage for one.


            Baggage:  Things that encumber ones freedom, progress, development, or adaptability;  impediments.

          Don't really feel like blogging today but I maid a commitment to myself to keep this going at least once a week.  Lets recap the week I guess.

           The week started out by losing a sizable chunk of the money I was saving for the down payment I was going to make to my certificate program.  Then a lecture from the boy friend.

           Followed by a phone call from a devastated friend which accounted for me not getting any sleep before a big birthday party.

            So I'm at a party where all I want to do is drink to subdue my anger and embarrassment about losing so much money but I'm so tired from not getting any sleep that I have to leave the party early and don't even get to get drunk.

            Finally accepted that my money is not coming back.  Financial hardships make me irritable and fight with my boyfriend over him not liking his new job.

            Argue some more over my incessant need to compare  my old relationship with my new relationship when ever money is involved.

            Now spending my day off alone and sad while being given the cold shoulder.

            So ready for next week..............Photobucket

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