Monday, July 23, 2012

The girl behind the voice.

me,myself and I in 150 questions! by klesa
name: Jessica
nickname: Jed
birthday: 4th
height: 5'2
weight: average
hair: red
eyes: brown
any piercings?: 8
tattoos?: 2
any siblings?: 1
what do you like to wear?: everything
book?: the metamorphasis
color?: rainbow
movie?: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
celebrity?: Alyson Hannigan
place?: home
food?: Pizza
dessert?: cheese cake
alcoholic drink?: flirtini
non-alcoholic drink?: root beer
day of the week?: payday
number?: oo
month?: October
city?: Austin
country?: US
animal?: kitty
time of the day?: night
smell?: popcorn jelly beans
tv channel?: adult swim
song at the moment?: no children
friend?: Eilza
place to be?: work
time of the day?: 11
day of the week?: wednesday
song/music gender?: ?
animal to you?: meh
drink?: pepsi
food?: pork
*have u ever...*
been so drunk that you cant remember?: yes
cheated: no
been cheated on?: no
been in love?: yes
been on TV?: no
stolen anything?: yes
been on stage?: no
passed out?: no
had a surgery?: no
broke the law intentionally?: yes
had a friend pass away?: yes
been lied?: yes
been dumped?: yes
*do you...*
do drugs?: no
get drunk?: yes
dance?: no
party?: yes
sing?: no
play an instrument?: no
get along with your parents?: yes
think you are attractive?: sometimes
swear?: like a fucking sailor
smoke?: use to
get motion sickness?: yes
wear contacts/glasses?: glasses
get good marks?: no
watch cartoon?: daily
drink milk :3 ?: daily
write poems/stories?: yes
take a particular medicine?: no
go to psycholog?: no
have a pet?: yes
are you allergic to something?: no
play an online rpg?: no
get online on msn a lot?: no
google a lot?: yes
have fights?: yes
read magazines?: yes
read comics?: yes
how many hours do you sleep?: too many
how frequently do you go to hairdresser?: once a year
get along with your teachers?: ..?
What's your preferred genre of music?: alternative/folk/ska
All-time favorite band/artist?: mountain goats right now
All-time favorite song?: no children
How many CDs or MP3s of your favorite band/artist do you have?: 2
What's your favorite radio station?: hmm
rock?: pro
blues/jazz?: pro
classical?: pro
rap?: pro
pop?: pro
country?: nay
emo/screamo?: nay
heavy metal?: pro
techno?: pro
reggae?: pro
r&b?: pro
time you cried?: couple days ago
movie you watched?: the avengers
person you talked on the phone?: reliant energy service
cigarette?: april
song played?: my way- the sex pistols
thing you ate?: shredded wheat
time you took a bubble bath?: cant even rememer
time you got drunk?: april
time you read a book?: last week
email you get?: junk
person you got a fight?: cant remember
time you hugged someone?: last night
time you kissed someone?: last night
time you met someone new?: not sure
time you went for a date?: april
*do you believe in...*
God?: no
religions?: no
aliens?: yes
ghosts?: not sure
afterlife?: not sure
yourself?: yes
astrology?: no
karma?: yes
magic?: i dont know
*in a girl/boy*
hair: red hair
eyes: green
hobbies: watching movies
style of clothing: band shirts
kiss on first date?: yes
love at first sight?: no
who do you wanna slap?: no one
who do you wanna kill?: see above
your dream: financially stable with a home and family
do you want to get married?: not sure
love?: yes
i wanna be: a paraleagal
all you need is: nutella
identy yourself with 3 words:: sleepy, giving, neurotic
what is your worst characteristic?: my legs :(
what are your fears?: why would I tell you that
what is your weakness?: no way
favourite quote?: tesla never created anything worthy of the pigeon
cartman or kenny?: cartman
shoes you weared last time?: converse
what is your aim for this year?:
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  1. All you need is: nutella. So true of life.

  2. nutella for the win it is the greatest.