Tuesday, October 9, 2012



This week
Last Week

Can't really see a huge difference but today I am down seven lbs woot!!

so I'm gonna continue to do my stepper for the songs, and try to jog/run for my show
super size vs super skinny

Weekly Music and extras
Pixies- Hey
David Bowie-Rebel Rebel
Violent Femms-blister
25 crunches

css-music is my hot hot sex
phantom planet-big brat
Dobie Grace- In Crowd
25 sit ups

Box Car Racer-there is
The Damn Wells-I will Keep the bad things from you
Birdy-Skinny love
25 lunges

Hill of beans-Satan Satan lend me a Dollar
Big Wig- cheers theme
Forever The sickest Kids- Men in Black
25 lunges

Golden Girls-Theme song
Joe Cheng-I Love what I Love
jake wolf-Celibacy
25 plies

Blue Oyster Cult-God Zilla
Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen-Fat Bottem Girls
25 plies

Smashing Pumpkins-Landslide
Oren Lavie-her Morning Elegance
Flight of the Conchord- The Humans Are Dead
25 reverse crunches

Flight Of the Conchord- The most Beautiful Girl in the Room
The Cure- Love Cats
Sublime-Bad Fish
25 jumping jacks

Monday, October 8, 2012

time for sleep


Today's songs:

MC Chris: Nrrd Grrl
MC Chris: Tasty Face
MC Chris: Hoodie Ninja
MC Chris: Fetts Vette
Lady Gaga: So happy I could die

my belly is so sore from all the crunches and sit ups :/

Today I only did 20 crunches
20 reverse lunges on each leg

while I watched my show I tried to jog/run during the first two segments

walk/jog in the third segment

stepper in the last segment

I wore shoes on the stepper today for the last segment because running/ jogging was making my feet tingle when I was bear foot on my hard wood floors and the only negative thing I have to say about the stepper is that when you wear shoes or use it for a long time it hurts your feet muscles really bad, I guess trying to balance on it makes you use muscles your not use to using in your feet but when I wear shoes on my stepper it makes me want to cry, its not so bad with out shoes though.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Let Me have some of your sodas and your beans


Okay so today I really tried to go at a faster pace and keep my heart rate up I ran/jogged one of the four segments of the show I watch Super size vs. super skinny and I feel so good.  I want to be able to actually run for a long time eventually, I am too self conscious to run anywhere but in place in my little work out room, but maybe one day when I am in better shape I will be able too and then if there is ever a zombie apocalypse I wont have to trip people.


Did you know that there is this 5k called zombie run, I have had zombies on the brain the last couple of days must be October, man I love this month.  Posted pic of said zombie run below.


You can read all about this 5k with obstacle course @ http://runforyourlives.com/?gclid=CKKapcuR77ICFayPPAodfA0A7g

I don't think they run specifically for any cause other then for fun and health but it seems way fun and if I was a runner I would totally be all over this.

Stay Tuned 3 days till progress picture and weigh in.

Today's music:
The Kinks: A well respected man
Richard Cheese: Don't Cha
Sublime: Jail House

Love my picks for today makes me feel like my ruff night at work is just a far away memory
Every one could use some good ol Dick Cheese, eww you pervs I'm talking about the lounge singer
Richard Cheese :p.  His songs are just plain happy incarnate, if you are a zombie fan like myself you might recognize Richard from such movies as Dawn of the Dead where he does a lounge rendition of disturbed's down with the sickness, and hey that movie was playing yesterday.

50 crossing crunches
50 sit ups
25 bicycle crunches
25 reverse crunches

If you haven't had enough of zombies yet in this post you should check out these links from one of my favorite mc's albums.

Tomorrow mornings work out is totally gonna be a mc chris morning.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rising Up to the Challenge of Our Rivals


Hello World, I am all caught up on my work outs now, yay!!!  I'm not sure I like this posting every day business I feel like not having as much time to think about what I want to say is making my blog less fun to read and write, so from now on only one or two work out posts a week with my weekly music picks and you can follow a long during the week if you'd like, or way in and tell me about music you think I would like to listen to in my work outs, and maybe I will even pick it for a post woo hoo!!!  With this posting my routines to keep me honest and motivated I feel like my blog is being taken over and turning into a weight loss blog and I really feel like I want it to be more then that so I will do my once or twice a week with my songs and routines probably starting Monday or Tuesday.

Today's routine:
watched Super size vs super skinny while on my stepper
my three songs I missed yesterday on my stepper
my three songs for today  on my stepper
10 jumping jacks
10 crunches
10 revers lunges on each leg just to change things up


Regina Spektor: Apres Moi (not a fast paced song but a long song)

Survivor: Eye Of the Tiger (A work out classic that should be in everyone's mp3 player/every time I hear it I think of that commercial for Starbucks where they sing about Glen, here I will post it for you that's just good stuff people/ I feel like I am channeling my dad with my music picks for today with the classic rock/ blues/ and spoiler alert zombies)  I should give my parents a call soon.

As Promised

Last But Not Least

Jonathon Coultons: Re Your Brains (Any one who has played the left 4 dead games is bound to know this song/ I like to think that if I for some reason got turned into a zombie during a zombie apocalypse  that work would be the first place I went (just kidding,...kind of)

Friday, October 5, 2012

six mile walk woo hoo


Six mile walk today

Then my usual routine

Didn't have time for the songs today but I am going to double up on them tomorrow.

I am gonna post them anyways

Getting pumped before work


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time to move. ~ >.< ~ (that's me doing the wave I've got skills)


If you are wanting to follow along with me, I will be listing my songs for the day.  Today's strange theme seems to be putting on a show.  These songs are random and no please don't show me anything its just coincidence because one song would make me think of another, any who here we go!

Today's songs

1:  Lady Gaga Show me your teeth

2:  Saosin Show me your booty hole

Last but not least drum roll please...

3: Jon Lajoie Show me your genitals

Nothing too intense felt like listening to fun and funny music.

I did my show super size vs super skinny, followed by these songs, changed it up today and I added 
20 reverse crunches
20 regular crunches
20 bicycle crunches 
I felt I needed to tone my belly was feeling gooey there today because I ate pizza last night with extra cheese yum!  Was totally worth it though hung out with old friends and new friends, swam, and enjoyed this last bit of nice weather before it gets too cold to get in the water.  

Progress pic in a week, I'm hopeful but not expecting a lot (no pressure self you got this).

If you don't like today's songs stay tuned because my musical taste are usually better, and these are just for inspiration if you want to listen to something new, or can't think of anything really you want to hear.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

just keep swimming.


So I have been getting back into a work out routine this week.  I have been using my rock and roll stepper and watching an episode of this show on my lap top while I work.

its a pretty interesting show about people struggling with under eating and over eating they swap diets for two days to see just how drastic and wrong their diets are and are educated on healthier life styles and what they are doing to their bodies I have become addicted, this one was my favorite so far.  The show is called super sized vs. super skinny.  When my knees start to get sore from the awkwardness of the stepper I take a short break and march while I watch the show.  I believe the episodes are 45 minutes long, then I listen to about three upbeat songs after the show is over to my stepper.

Todays songs:
Blue song Mint Royale (I introduced this song to you guys earlier in a previous post one of my favorites)
Dead on the Dance Floor by ultra Violet Sound (This song is longer and will make you work)
Flash Man song, mega man II (This is really short so its almost over folks)
I Felt like doing one more, I ended on the clash should I stay or should I go

Any ways for a product review tony little's rock n roll stepper its very affordable around 20 bucks, the general consensus is its hard on the knees a little bit, but you defiantly feel it more then jogging/walking in place so I don't regret spending my money on it.


So I put back that 10 lbs I was down mostly but I am down 2 lbs now.  I look okay but I'm far from comfortable.


I'm off to do the laundry now because I am awesome.