Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to not be cynical with a 40% success rate in marriage


              I have been feeling really cynical lately.  Everyone around me I see is always fighting all the time.  My parents, friends, and siblings try to confide in me with their insecurities in their own relationships and its just so hard to stay optimistic when your bombarded by the media about who is leaving who.  So I got the cynical blues and I just don't want to live my life being another cynical sad person.  So here's evidence that some form of love can exist till death due them part.

                Proof number one:  While there is only a 40% success rate in marriage in the u.s. (or so says wiki answers)  Hey that is 40% of people living in success, that says hope to me, and proof that someone out there must be happy.

                 Proof number two:  You can love your parents, your kids, and your siblings forever and you don't even get to choose them.  So it makes since that someone you chose to marry into your family they would stand a fighting chance.

               Proof number three:  Shake spear said so,  apparently its better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all.

                Proof number four:  Something with such an abstract concept must mean that it exists in a lot of different ways to many people so really I guess love is all around us and we just don't see it.

              Now I am not saying that the only romantic eternal love between two people has to be between two married people.  I may never get to the point where I am comfortable being married again but I definitely think I could love again.  I'm just looking at the basic signs of proof to the outside world that two people can love each other forever and to me that is a successful marriage.

              So I guess here's to the opportunity to triumph.  To get to experience the good stuff a second time.  Here we go self, sounds a little less scary now and a little more fun.  Also good luck to you, for thoseyou who have decided to try again.


  1. I don't have much time for a lengthy reply as my child is all "wahhh". But... for point # two, I am neither your parent, child, or your sibling but I do know that I will always love you because you are just you. Just like I have always loved you because you are just you.

    I also know that with several billion people on this planet it IS possible to find someone to love for all eternity, if you only have the courage to capture it.

    Love you!

  2. My first comment :) thanks Amber. I love you too. Miss you.

  3. First, thank you for the visit. Second I just wanna give you a big hug. Divorce is not easy. The stats on marriage are worst. But you can do it. You lost a part of yourself when you lost your marriage. It's normal, and time to heal is the only cure. But the good news is that you can heal, and you can find another love, one that lasts a lifetime. HUGS

  4. I hope so thanks so much for the encouragement. It has been a ruff road but it really is for the best, and hug wouldn't be so terrible even if its just an e-hug. Thanks again.