Sunday, July 22, 2012


          Despite my last relapse into the stages of grief I think I am on the right track again.  I will be starting a certificate program next month to be an administrative assistant and finally get out of the fast food industry.  I will be done paying for that schooling in about 3 months or so then I will be saving to move to the city to go to college at Everest woo hoo.  I have decided to go to school for paralegal studies.  I am so excited to further my education.  It is so important to me to be financially independent, I felt stuck with my husband for so long because I had no money and no family to lean on and I never want to have to rely on anyone ever again.  When I did my do it myself divorce I wasn't really sure what the next step for me was.  I spent so much of life supporting someone else's goals and achievements that I never really had time for my own.  I was really interested in law going through my divorce and really felt like it was something I could do.  We will see if I sink or swim, though I know as a hole I am already a success.

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