Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Seeing them with someone else

        I remember the first time I saw my ex with someone new. 
I was already dating, and I never really thought about finding
myself in that situation or how I would react.  I was having the
worst night at work someone had thrown a soda at me and the next
people I served laughed at me and I noticed someone ducked down in
the passenger seat dressed exactly like my ex with the same sort of
hair.  I was angry and mortified and couldn't stop myself from crying,
and to top it all off the girl I saw him with was incredibly pretty
and really young.

       I was so unprepared to see him and for the first time to see him on a date
 it was awful, I was an emotional wreck for like two weeks.  I was angry
 that he would bring a date to my work, angry that he would even come to my
 work to begin with, and angry that I even cared.  Eventually I got over it, and later
 I saw the same girl with a different guy that looked a lot like my ex husband but it
wasn't him.  I felt embarrassed but also I felt a little stronger
that I was able to get passed that on my own.

       I guess my point is you may run into your ex at some point in time or you may
not.  Expected or not its likely to bring up surprising emotions but just remember this too shall
 pass, and will make you so much stronger.  I think it felt like one of those hurdles that you have
 to come across in letting go and moving forward and recovering.  I feel like having been through
 it somehow brings me closer to moving forward and getting over it.

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