Tuesday, July 17, 2012



          Scratched;  rubbed raw to the point of having to grow new, thicker skin, and heal.  Starting completely over, starting from scratch. I have been scratched, all my memories from the age of fourteen up until the age of twenty-one ruined, tainted with feelings of grief and animosity.  The only home I have known for the last  three years gone.  clothes, pets, my child hood toy chest, my three little pieces of furniture I acquired in the last three years while being the sole source of income gone.  Not only did he rob me of my youth, happiness, and trust but it wasn't enough for him, he had to break all the stuff I was too afraid to stick around and collect.

            I left with nothing but gained everything.  I gained a home, peace of mind, new better furniture, independence, strength, and most importantly my freedom.  Sometimes its so easy to be sad about what you have lost and forget about why leaving was so important and what you have gained.  Do not rely on someone to save you from your problems, don't expect depression, and fear to just go away.  You have to save yourself because in the end the only person you can blindly rely on is yourself.  You will always be  your responsibility. Also not much quite compares to how rewarding it feels to be your own savior.

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