Monday, October 8, 2012

time for sleep


Today's songs:

MC Chris: Nrrd Grrl
MC Chris: Tasty Face
MC Chris: Hoodie Ninja
MC Chris: Fetts Vette
Lady Gaga: So happy I could die

my belly is so sore from all the crunches and sit ups :/

Today I only did 20 crunches
20 reverse lunges on each leg

while I watched my show I tried to jog/run during the first two segments

walk/jog in the third segment

stepper in the last segment

I wore shoes on the stepper today for the last segment because running/ jogging was making my feet tingle when I was bear foot on my hard wood floors and the only negative thing I have to say about the stepper is that when you wear shoes or use it for a long time it hurts your feet muscles really bad, I guess trying to balance on it makes you use muscles your not use to using in your feet but when I wear shoes on my stepper it makes me want to cry, its not so bad with out shoes though.

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