Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time to move. ~ >.< ~ (that's me doing the wave I've got skills)


If you are wanting to follow along with me, I will be listing my songs for the day.  Today's strange theme seems to be putting on a show.  These songs are random and no please don't show me anything its just coincidence because one song would make me think of another, any who here we go!

Today's songs

1:  Lady Gaga Show me your teeth

2:  Saosin Show me your booty hole

Last but not least drum roll please...

3: Jon Lajoie Show me your genitals

Nothing too intense felt like listening to fun and funny music.

I did my show super size vs super skinny, followed by these songs, changed it up today and I added 
20 reverse crunches
20 regular crunches
20 bicycle crunches 
I felt I needed to tone my belly was feeling gooey there today because I ate pizza last night with extra cheese yum!  Was totally worth it though hung out with old friends and new friends, swam, and enjoyed this last bit of nice weather before it gets too cold to get in the water.  

Progress pic in a week, I'm hopeful but not expecting a lot (no pressure self you got this).

If you don't like today's songs stay tuned because my musical taste are usually better, and these are just for inspiration if you want to listen to something new, or can't think of anything really you want to hear.  

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