Sunday, October 7, 2012

Let Me have some of your sodas and your beans


Okay so today I really tried to go at a faster pace and keep my heart rate up I ran/jogged one of the four segments of the show I watch Super size vs. super skinny and I feel so good.  I want to be able to actually run for a long time eventually, I am too self conscious to run anywhere but in place in my little work out room, but maybe one day when I am in better shape I will be able too and then if there is ever a zombie apocalypse I wont have to trip people.


Did you know that there is this 5k called zombie run, I have had zombies on the brain the last couple of days must be October, man I love this month.  Posted pic of said zombie run below.


You can read all about this 5k with obstacle course @

I don't think they run specifically for any cause other then for fun and health but it seems way fun and if I was a runner I would totally be all over this.

Stay Tuned 3 days till progress picture and weigh in.

Today's music:
The Kinks: A well respected man
Richard Cheese: Don't Cha
Sublime: Jail House

Love my picks for today makes me feel like my ruff night at work is just a far away memory
Every one could use some good ol Dick Cheese, eww you pervs I'm talking about the lounge singer
Richard Cheese :p.  His songs are just plain happy incarnate, if you are a zombie fan like myself you might recognize Richard from such movies as Dawn of the Dead where he does a lounge rendition of disturbed's down with the sickness, and hey that movie was playing yesterday.

50 crossing crunches
50 sit ups
25 bicycle crunches
25 reverse crunches

If you haven't had enough of zombies yet in this post you should check out these links from one of my favorite mc's albums.
Tomorrow mornings work out is totally gonna be a mc chris morning.

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